We could not be happier with the level of care our little ones are getting at La Petite Nursery. The love and care provided to the babies and older kids is impressive. And the daily communication with the staff is spectacular. My kids are so excited to go in in the morning and keep talking about their teachers and the nursery on weekends and holidays. We are so happy we came across La Petite Nursery. (A.H)

Not your average nursery/day care, you won’t find a more nurturing and loving environment outside of home for your child to spend their time! The staff – right from the security guard to the teachers are incredibly friendly and make sure the children feel at home. (B.H)

My son started at the nursery just before he turned two. We instantaneously felt very comfortable leaving our son there. The premises are very clean (it was a very important criteria for me) and all the staff are so caring with the children.
We have a personalised update each day detailing the timetable of our child (fresh food, nap, indoor/outdoor activities, new achievements…).
Children are learning a lot while having fun!
My boy just cannot wait for Mondays now !
Very satisfied and highly recommend the nursery.

Fabulous nursery with dedicated and caring staff! The curriculum is dynamic, engaging and integrated with play making it so the children learn a lot and love going to nursery. (C.T)

We had our daughter start at the nursery the first week we arrived in London, it’s been two years and we have our baby boy there as well now. The staff is amazingly kind and loves the children. They plan a lot of activities like science, art, drama, music and often go to the garden. The smile on the face of my children when we arrive at nursery on Monday morning says it all. (D.D)

The nursery is absolutely amazing. This is a real cocoon for the children, like a family! Our elder son has been going to the nursery since he was 6 month old and we now also registered our 10 month old baby.
He keeps talking about his teachers and friends all the time, even when he is on holidays, and he is so happy to go there every morning. Sometimes he even asks “are we going to the nursery tomorrow?” during holidays and weekends.
Childcare, activities and communications with parents are top quality when you compare with other regular nurseries. It will be very tough for our kids and us to leave this wonderful cocoon when time for the reception year comes. Thank you everyone, well done you are doing a wonderful job. (J.B)

Warm and welcoming nursery. The children learn every day while playing and exploring through various indoor and outdoor activities.The staff is very professional, cares about each child’s needs and communicates every day with parents.
Very satisfied about this loveIy nursery!  (J.B)

Beyond childcare! The nursery staff is loving and caring. They have themed activities every week even at a young age. Children learn and play. The environment is so nice they have their own garden and everything has been very well thought of to suit the children’s needs. My son is always excited to go in at drop off. The food offering is seriously impressive, meals are balanced and elaborate and they cater for children with allergies and are generally super thoughtful. Can’t recommend this place enough. (L.A.M)

We are so grateful to have found La Petite Nursery as a first nursery for our daughter. At just 8 months old, we were made to feel very comfortable leaving our baby in the beautiful, bright and clean space (exactly as pictured) with its unique private garden. The staff is fantastic from the security guards to the management, the teachers are informative and responsive, flexible to the needs of each child and truly care for all the kids. Fresh, highly varied & nutritious food is prepared on site and there are all kinds of different activities planned for the kids each week. Our daughter can’t wait to come to nursery everyday, she learns a great deal and has so much fun. In this highly turbulent year, the nursery handled the Covid-19 situation very well. They communicated frequently, created home materials and successfully executed a reopening plan to keep the kids safe without compromise. Can’t recommend La Petite Nursery highly enough! (M.S)

We are extremely happy with this nursery. Our little boy is very happy here, and loves his teachers. The staff are all extremely caring and engaging in the activities they do. (N.B)

We are extremely pleased with our choice to enroll in La Petite Nursery. The staff are friendly & engaged & now our child loves school!

The teachers are very warm and genuinely care and know the children well.

We are so happy with the nursery and feel very grateful to the staff and management team for their warmth, care and commitment. We couldn’t be happier!

Fabulous care! We are thrilled with La Petite and have just cancelled our place at another nursery to stay with you another year!

Very happy with everything, good teachers, great atmosphere. Feels like being part of a Family.

We are very happy and would highly recommend the nursery to other families.

We are absolutely delighted. Ezra loves coming to nursery and is thriving! The communication with us is excellent and the staff clearly care for him.

I am so happy that we decided on La Petite nursery for Amelia. We have had an amazing experience so far and have seen so much progress, especially in her social skills. Many thanks to the explorers room for making Amelia feel ‘at home