Our Sen offer

Our Sen offer

Our mission

La Petite Nursery is determined to give the best start in life for every child attending our nursery. We understand that every child is developing at their own pace and that sometimes children might need temporary support, especially when they go through a transition in their life (potty training, new sibling, moving home, transition from cot to bed, etc.).

How do we know a child needs extra support?

In La Petite nursery we monitor children really closely (through daily observations and termly reports and assessments) and plan accordingly to their needs and interests. If, during the observations, the teachers notice that a child is falling behind in any of the 7 areas of development they will inform the SENCO (our special needs coordinator), who will also make their own assessment. The notes of the observations will be shared with the parents and an individual plan will be agreed to best support the child. The SENCO will assess if any other specialist should be involved and will make recommendations to the parents.

Concerns might be raised by the parent as well and they will be followed by the SENCO.

If you have a child with additional needs, please contact our SENCO who will be happy to discuss how we can work with you to better support your little one


We have high expectations of all children, regardless of their special needs or disabilities. To give each child their best chance in life, we understand that some will need additional support throughout their education and life, while others may need it temporarily as they transition through different stages of learning and development. We will make reasonable adjustments to support the children with special needs. Extra help from outside the nursery will be brought in when/if necessary to ensure that the children’s individual needs are met. Parents, the child’s key person and the SENCO will work together to best support your child. Sometimes, other professionals might be involved:

  • Speech & Language Therapists
  • Early Help Teams from Local Authorities
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Child psychologist

The specialist involved will be different depending on the needs of the children.

Parents involvement

Parental involvement is highly valued in our setting. The key person will work closely with the parents to support the child’s learning and development. When appropriate, a diary is given at home and information exchanged daily. We have regular meetings with the parents to share progress and agree on the next steps.